About Me

Hi there, I am Hiếu

But yeah, for pronouciation purposes, I would like to be referred to as “Hew”, it should spell like “few”

Something about myself

My father, who was a government worker in Vietnam, used to have to travel to many countries for business and meeting reasons. Everytime he’d been to a country, he always brought back something as a gift, it was either a piece of clothes, some foods, or sometimes even the airline’s onboard magazine. As a curious kid I was, the differences between those places from my home fascinate me, and for a unknown reason, I have been paying special attention to travelling, culture, and especially culinary all around the globe.

However, being a government does not mean having good amount of income, at least in Vietnam, so my family rarely travel, and when we did travel, well, mostly in Vietnam. Still, I won’t deny that Vietnam lacks of attractions, especially the natural beauty of it. Every year, we always tried to sort things out, to be able to spend a vacation in Vietnam, mostly beaches – may be that’s why I love the beaches, the ocean so much till now. It is such a gigantic space that also, bring a heavy scents of relaxation.

But then, I’m living in Hanoi, the capital city. Here we have floods instead of beaches, so yeah, there won’t be a lot of stuffs about travelling right now. In contrast, Hanoi has a rich and diverse historic, culture, and culinary values which I’m happily to keep it up to date. Stay tuned!